During the Song Dynasty, many popular poems were written in praise of the Betenut. At present, the annual global betel nut production is nearly 1 million tons, and the population of betel nut chewing is more than 1 billion. In Hunan, betel nut has a long history more than 400 years. From hawking to stores, and then turn to modern industrial production, the current annual output of betelnut over 200000 tons, the output value of more than 50 billion yuan. Betel nuts are also integrated into the life of Hunan people.


Betelnut, taste of art

     Betel nut has rich taste which start from a green astringent fruit. Dried fruit such as a piece of paper, after smoked is more like a colored drawing paper. The taste of brine is just like the background of painting. The trend of betelnut market in recent years, from the scent of champignons to the fruity outlets betelnut flavor, the taste is more soft and fresh. In addition, the flavor of regional market also contains tremendous business opportunities. KYPHI and the research institutes jointly exploration, in order to provide strong technical support to the betelnut manufactures.

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